Chris Judge, IT Manager


I have been training with Jesse at Bannatyne's in Russell Square for eight months, on a weekly basis.

I am a self-taught swimmer and after the better part of 40 years I decided it was time that I learnt to swim properly. This is more difficult than it sounds; bad habits are ingrained and it is hard to make adjustments, however obvious the need is.

Jesse has been very helpful, analysing how I move, working out what adjustments need to be made, and most importantly how these are going to be achieved. In doing this Jesse takes account of where we are starting from and how easy or difficult it is to do the training. This focusses a lot on movement (breaking the swimming strokes down, so that the improvement is step by step) and breathing, so that I'm breathing efficiently whilst swimming.

I've enjoyed this - Jesse has a positive, encouraging approach which helps to show the progress that's been made.

-Chris Judge, IT Manager

Lisa Weinzetl