Lisa Bates, Director of Swimming and Head Coach


The most admirable and unique skill Jesse has is his ability to form a great rapport with whoever he is working with. Not only does Jesse have a focussed skill delivery across each of the 4 strokes and energy systems, but the foundation for his coaching ability is his personality.

Committed to bringing the best out of someone, as well as balancing it with a sense of empathy really enhances Jesse's coaching delivery. Having worked with Jesse for 4 years now and having guided him towards ensuring it's always technique and skill first, means that Jesse has the cutting edge in professional quality of service. Jesse has a vast experience of working with young children, adults, disabled athletes and competitive athletes. His ability to flex his coaching style to maximise content for the customer is fantastic. Definitely an asset to our team in London.

-Lisa Bates, Director of Swimming and Head Coach

Lisa Weinzetl